For the last ten years as the owner of Pawsmopolitan, Lori has been keeping dogs well-cared for and healthy.  Her all natural approach to dog food and supplies has built a loyal clientele, and customers now seek her out for nutritional advice for their dogs. Her own three dogs are her children and the center of her world: Tess, a Welsh Terrier, Gofret, an Airedale Terrier rescue from Istanbul and Adeline Rose, a Bouvier de Flandres.

Lori has expanded her vision of providing quality care for dogs in opening a dog happy home away from home environment. She is excited to begin this new venture and raising the bar for what top
notch dog care can and should be.


MEGHAN HUBLER - Trainer/Play Coach

Meghan Hubler, ABCDT, has been working with dogs for over 15 years.  She started in rescue work as a foster home, then went for a certification in dog training.  Meghan loves going to seminars and conferences about dog behavior and training to continue her education.  She is also a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.


Meghan lives on a small farm with her husband and two teenage girls.  They have a small pack of family dogs, ranging in sizes from seven pounds to 80 pounds. They also have goats, chickens, rabbits and you may run into a reptile if you were  to visit her at home. She enjoys riding horses, as well as traveling to visit family on Cape Cod and Tennessee.



Abigail is a high school junior at Bristol County Agricultural High School, studying Agricultural Mechanics. She has a strong love for all animals, especially dogs and horses. She has been riding and caring for horses for over ten years and owns an off the track thoroughbred for the past three years. Abigail also has owned a cockapoo for nine years.  She enjoys spending time working at the barn with her horse and spending time playing with her dog. She competes at horse shows and when not competing, she grooms for other riders.



RENEE BAGGE - Groomer/Play Coach

Even as a young child, Renee had a love for animals. She attended Norfolk County Agricultural high school, where she majored in canine science. Within this field, she studied dog  grooming, breeds, handling, training and behavior. Renee is an experienced dog walker and handler, as well as a professional groomer. She has been refining her skills in grooming for three years and continues to actively study new techniques.


Renee has two beloved pets, Ducati, a blue tongue skink lizard and Brandi, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Brandi is Renee's constant companion and best friend.  She accompanies Renee everywhere. You might even spot her at Great Woofs!



Dogs have been Carol's passion since childhood. Her love and devotion for dogs was solidified during her very first job working for a dog ranch at age fifteen, feeding, walking, playing, bathing and brushing dogs. Her after school jobs were dog walking and dog sitting. She later earned her CVT and has worked in animal hospitals and emergency veterinary clinics for over 15 years. She enjoys the canine health and well-being facets of dog care as well, as the play, training and behavior aspects of day care.


Carol was co-founder and partner in establishing, from the ground up, a local dog park. She has been responsible for its impeccable reputation of safety, obedience, ordinance enforcement, cleanliness and moderating the dogs at the park since it's opening in 2010.


Carol has been a private breeder of pedigree Irish Jack Russell Terriers for 13 years and has reservations for her pups up to two years in advance.  Carol lives locally with her husband, and three sons. She enjoys canine agility, go to ground tunneling, barn hunt trials, and lure coursing with her five .Jack Russells


LAUREN KENT - Play Coach


Lauren is a high school junior at Southeastern Regional School in Easton, MA.  She is studying Environmental Engineering and is interested in the outdoors, the environment and especially animals.  Dogs have been her passion for her entire life.  She has had her Labrador mix for the past seven years and has trained him to do many things, including playing dead and responding to hand signals. She has done training and agility classes with a 4H club and has volunteered at a local animal shelter. She has some experience grooming dogs of all sizes. For the past five years Lauren has done dog walking and sitting.


Lauren loves to be outdoors, spending time in NH, riding her bike, riding horses and going for hikes.  She lives at home with her dog, Buddy, her family and her two cats, Bruce and Ariel.





Animals have been Lindsey's passion her whole life.  She has walked and taken care of many of her neighborhood dogs since the age of 12.  After her move last year she starting as a dog walker and takes care of a wide range of local dogs.


Much of Lindsey's time is spent hiking as well as organizing camping trips in the summer.  She thoroughly enjoys nature and loves taking dogs with her to explore new places together.  She has worked with dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and even a horse.  She aspires to get a degree in wildlife conservation to further her goal of helping all kinds
of animals.


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