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Welcome to GREAT WOOFS first blog!

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Welcome to GREAT WOOFS first blog! Our commitment is towards the care and well-being of your dog. Our expertly trained handlers are always on hand, supervising your dog.

Our commitment is towards the care and well being of your dog. Our expertly trained handlers are always on hand, supervising your dog. We only use pawsitive reinforcement and each dog receives individualized care. Our intake process is through, taking into account behavioral and medical issues, as well as, if any, meal re-quirements. We are dedicated in providing an eco-friendly environment, from the non toxic flooring to natural cleaners. You can always be assured your dog is treated as a member of our family.

Located in Norton MA, we offer a number of services, including daycare, overnight stays, grooming and training.

Our expertly trained handlers, include Renee, our groomer and handler, Meghan, our trainer and handler and Victoria, also a handler. Our handlers are dedicated dog lovers and carefully watch over each dog to provide a safe, fun experience, including games and participating in social skills.

Here at Great Woofs, we offer 10,000 square feet of indoor play space and 14,000 square feet of outdoor space. Our large outdoor yard is turfed and there are pools for summer fun. We offer three separate indoor play areas to accommodate different sizes and personalities. We have installed eco-friendly rubber flooring in each play area, for the comfort of your dog, reducing injuries because of its excellent traction. We use a reverse osmosis water filtration system so dogs can enjoy fresh, filtered drinking water.

During overnight stays, your dog will be supervised with a handler on the premises throughout the night. Dietary needs and special requests are taken care of. Your dog is treated like royalty, with a treat on their pillow. Their bedding is lightly misted with lavender essential oils, which is also diffused throughout the air for a calming, relaxing environment. Canine lullabies play in the background as your dog drifts off to sleep in one of our spacious suites, dreaming of all the fun they had that day and of more to come tomorrow!

All baths and grooming include a nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands, blueberry facial scrub and brush out. We use Special FX by Envirogroom. These products are made with natural, biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients. Our Mud treatments are by Madra Mor. Madra Mór Muds are formulated using the strict Ecocert guidelines, ensuring an all-natural, eco-friendly product free of the harsh detergents.

We offer a number of training options for all ages, puppies to seniors. We offer puppy kindergarten, a basic manners class, a Canine Good Citizen prep class to prepare your dog to take the AKC CGC test, structured daycare only for our daycare dogs, and private lessons either at home or on site. On Saturdays, we offer a drop in puppy playgroup.

We encourage you to make an appointment so you and your pup can meet with us to check out our facilities. We look forward to seeing you both!